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Mobile App Development: 101

As our world becomes more and more mobile-focused, consumers want businesses to meet them where they are – on their phones and tablets. You need to go to them. Take our hand and let us lead as we navigate you through the basics, and benefits, of creating a mobile app.

With a mobile app, you’ll be creating a two-way win-win situation for both you and your target audience. While you’re giving them the tool they need to access you anywhere and anytime, you’re also opening up the gates to receive tons of unique data. This intel will provide stats on purchasing trends, demographic information and track how, why, where and when your customers are interacting with you.

Creating a mobile app can sound intimidating to a lot of businesses. But as we have access to new technology, the process becomes more simplified. Gone are the days where only the big boys have apps. Why should they have all the business? More importantly, mobile app development no longer costs a small fortune. There are many affordable options that will allow even a small mom and pop neighborhood shop to reap the benefits of having a mobile app.

Many of the marketing tools and business functions that you perform each day can be simplified and executed through an app, such as customer loyalty programs, promotions, reservations and/or scheduling, CRM (customer relationship management), accounting, tracking, order processing and providing information that’s easy to access and simple to use.

Our marketing team can develop effective campaigns to help launch your app to specifically highlight the value you’re adding to your customers’ interactions, while promoting downloads that result in active engagement.

If you’re ready to tap into your target audience, give us a call today.

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iOS App Development

The Benefits

iOS Mobile App Development

In the US, Apple products reign supreme. Unless you have a high percentage of clients from the international market, it is recommended that iOS mobile app development is the way to go.

Kadian’s expertise of the iOS platform, enables us to design, create and develop a mobile app that best reflects your business and gives the most valuable and interactive experience to your customer, while ensuring you are competitive amongst other apps.

The iOS platform has a reputation for being the most reliable when it comes to mobile app development. Less support is required due to the fact that the number of devices on this platform is significantly smaller than those in the Android market – it’s really only the iPod, iPhone and iPad. With this platform, our developers are able to spend more time on the design, functionality and adding value to your mobile app instead of restructuring it to work on numerous devices.

iOS mobile apps rely heavily on user input (i.e. ranking, reviews, downloads). With this user-generated information, we are able to monitor the launch of the app by viewing customers’ opinions and reactions, since Apple encourages them to use the forums to comment and critique the app itself. We are prepared to make necessary changes and fixes to the app at a moment’s notice to ensure your mobile app keeps up with customer demand and remains competitive in the market.

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The Benefits

Android Mobile App Development

If the goal of your app is to reach a global audience, the Android Marketplace is the way to go. Statistics show that the majority of the global market is using Android-supported devices and choosing to develop your app on this platform will provide you with access to a wider, international demographic.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, or the audience you hope to serve, our developers will work with you to build an app that will reach your target audience while highlighting the purpose of your app and the goals of your business.

Currently there are over one billion Android smartphone users and one million+ are joining the Android market daily. This is resulting in an average of $75,000 per year of revenue growth per app in the Android market. That is huge! But apart from the revenue growth and increasing market size, developing on the Android marketplace gives you the ability to reach your target audience faster as opposed to Apple. This is a direct result of Google’s ownership of the Android Marketplace. And since Google is the master of all search engines, an Android app’s search result capability is far more proficient than that of Apple.

Regular maintenance and testing for quality assurance is essential when having a mobile app that is compatible on so many different devices. Kadian understands that despite the massive number of Android users, top notch quality is still essential for all devices used. Our developers will work with you to create and maintain the best customer experience by making sure your app is updated on a regular basis.

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Android App Development

Kadain Can Enhance Your Apps With:

Location Services

Using GPS technologies location services add to the functionality of your app and enhance the user experience.

Push Notifications

Sending reminders to the app users on-the-go is pretty easy. It is also possible even when the app is not open.

In-App Purchases

Increase your chances to up sell with add-on purchase options, upgrades and subscriptions through iTunes.

External APIs

You can make 3rd party services available to your app users with the help of this exceptional feature.

Game Kit

Add interactive mechanics like leader boards, points, rewards via game kit integration. Also supports multiplayer.

Retina Graphics

We create pixel perfect apps with the help of phenomenal Retina Graphics ensuring sharp resolution quality.

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