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Let’s say your favorite pie is coconut cream pie. (Okay, that’s our favorite pie.) Coconut cream pie is being served and you get a skimpy sliver. But you love this pie and have been dreaming about its tropically sweet creaminess. Are you going to be satisfied? Heck, no. So why are you satisfied with not getting the full, round, meaningful piece of the online “pie” – that digital recognition that your brand deserves?!

The Kadian team designs and develops customized websites with the following two objectives:

  • Designing an interactive gateway that provides a mutually valuable experience for your clients and your brand – and strengthens that two-way relationship
  • Developing a plan that contributes to your brand’s bottom-line goals

These objectives ensure that you have way more than just an online presence. You will be able to identify your clients’ wants and you will have the channels to cater to their individual needs. Your business deserves this. There are tons of competing brands out there, and those with good websites are influencing your clients. Let’s work together to make you an awesome website – and get you the big piece of the pie!

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Web Design & Development

According to comScore, 80% of internet users go online via a Smartphone. The adults surveyed spent an average of five hours online a day for personal use – three hours on a Smartphone and two hours on a desktop or laptop. Three hours a day online using a Smartphone has increased steadily each year since recorded as less than one hour in 2010. You can see why we believe that it is imperative for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website.

But we’re not the only ones who believe this is imperative. Google recently added criteria to their search rankings that increase the rank for sites that are mobile-friendly. Consequently, these changes decrease the rank for sites that are not mobile friendly. This has a huge effect on how existing and potential clients find you using a Google search.

The Kadian team ensures that the websites we design adjust to any screen size for optimal viewing and interaction. Whether your clients are accessing your site on a Smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop, we are dedicating to making sure they will always have a user-focused experience.

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Web Design & Development

You know how important it is for your website to be user-friendly for your clients. Well, you’re our client and we aim to ensure that the behind-the-scenes interactions are seamless for you. That’s where a WordPress Design comes in.

When we started designing for businesses who preferred to have a more hands-on approach (ie: we’d design and build a site, but they’d maintain and update it) over a decade ago, we searched for a program that allowed them to do so –and found WordPress CMS. Today, WordPress is the most used platform by graphic designers. With the most basic computer knowledge, you can manage all aspects of your own site. We’ve found this to be a huge cost-saver for clients who want a state-of-the-art site, but don’t have the budget for us to manage it.

It is a simple, easy-to-use interface with a massive library of plug-ins and themes that is continually expanding. It’s perfect for any business that needs to update information on a regular basis. Just to make sure you feel comfortable with running your own intuitive content management, we’ll setup a date to walk you through the ins and outs. And, we’ll bring cupcakes when we come.

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